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Jewellery has the power of being the embodiment of any emotion enabling you to feel remarkable. It is considered as the keynote that will make anybody look peerless who has a fashion taste.

With GLAMIRA you can feel the reviving effect of spring and its sense of festivity with great variety of finest jewellery. Whatever it is that you are looking for -jewellery for women, men or kids- GLAMIRA offers you hand-crafted designs of glamorous rings, earrings, necklaces, engraved jewellery made of yellow, rose or white gold, sterling silver and other countless materials. You will be delighted by our classy designs of fine jewellery fitting every style and budget. Also, it is very possible to colour your favourite piece with precious or semi-precious stones like emerald, garnet, amethyst or smoky quartz. We guarantee you that you will find the necklace of your dreams, the ring that will carry your love into the eternity and a pair of pearl earrings that will feature your ostentatious style.

Furthermore, our

personalised jewelry

designed with all the stones from Big Four (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire) to other stone, alloy or carat options will be the best gift ever for your loved ones. Don’t forget, GLAMIRA is the place that you can free your imagination.